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Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, each of the teams from KD Masonry & Tuckpointing carries up-to-date City and State licensing to practice masonry in the city and the surrounding communities. We take this very seriously and believe that any masonry outfit without proper licensing is doing a disservice to the community at large.

That’s a yes, too! KD Masonry & Tuckpointing has current insurance policies covering liability and worker’s compensation. These policies will protect you from any risk while we’re on your property for any of our masonry and tuckpointing services. Never work with a contractor without insurance. It’s a no-win situation!

Of course, we do! You can get a no-obligation estimate for any of the services we offer, usually within 24 hours of your initial call. If we can get to you immediately we will, but you can count on our being there as quickly as possible, to clearly explain our estimate and offer zero pressure for you to accept. That’s a guarantee!

That depends on where you are in the area and what your specific project requires of our team. It can take time to get anywhere in the city, especially when traffic is bad, so we have to set a limit on how far we can go and still provide the same level of service our customers expect. The best option is to call and ask!

That’s easy – all of them! Seriously, our licensed and insured professionals bring decades of masonry experience to your project and always exceed expectations at every turn – whether it’s construction, repair, restoration or tuckpointing. You can count on KD’s team for quality workmanship on every service call.

Yes, our team can assist with masonry insurance claims and will even meet with the insurance adjuster to ensure they understand our findings and our recommended solution. We can match your existing masonry and deliver repair or replacement that gets you back to where your masonry was before your claim.

We tell residential and commercial customers alike that they should check for loose or flaking mortar between their bricks. Look for holes in the mortar where water could creep in and any differences in the mortar’s coloration. All are signs you need tuckpointing, perhaps repair or replacement of the masonry.

Yes, our teams do their absolute best to match the brick we’re replacing to the material we’ll use for our repair. This may require additional time for specially-made materials or restoration projects, as manufacture may be necessary. We’ll also do our best to match mortar, though that will take curing for color to change.

Yes, we can repair your chimney, even rebuild it if that’s what’s required of us. With more than 25 years of experience, our licensed and insured crews can handle any chimney repair project you have on time and within budget. We’ll even inspect the chimney for free when we visit for your free chimney repair estimate.

Yes. Our professional’s masons will deliver the perfect masonry treatment for any particular masonry material your home or business uses. It’s important that you work with a contractor that knows the material and its weaknesses and the right product to combat them. IN Chicago, that’s KD Masonry & Tuckpointing.

Yes, we offer a full line of stone and tile masonry services including repair, replacement, restoration and all relevant treatments. No matter what type of stone or tile you have in place, or would like to have installed, our professionals can handle it with care, courtesy and a level of craftsmanship not found anywhere else.

All it takes to get the finest masonry and tuckpointing services in Chicago is reaching out to KD Masonry & Tuckpointing directly at (847) 962-7549 or using our convenient contact form to submit your contact details to our team. They’ll call you at a day and time of your choosing to set up our free estimate visit!