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If you own a residential or commercial property in Chicagoland, there’s a good chance you’ve had to call a contractor of some kind in the past, no matter what type. Well, believe it or not, all estimates don’t work the same; at least not in the way they unfold. Not all masonry estimates are free either, so check with any contractor before you request a visit. KD Masonry & Tuckpointing’s estimates are always free and come with no high-pressure sales gimmicks.

Our free estimates are straightforward and direct. They can be easily broken into a three-step process that’s easy to understand and to follow as it’s happening. These three steps include the following:

Step #1: The Call or Contact Form

Yes, the first step in our process is your first chance to speak with our team. It’s where our courtesy and professionalism shine through and the all-important first impression is made. At this time, we’ll work to answer any general questions you have and help you choose the right time for our team to visit. Again, this isn’t scheduling service, just an estimate, so you’re not on the line for anything at all!

Step #2: The Masonry Inspection

Depending on what type of masonry you have, and what you specifically called us about, our team will arrive promptly at the time agreed upon during Step #1 and request permission to inspect the masonry to a degree necessary for whatever service you require. We do in-depth inspections whenever possible to help us provide our residential and commercial with the clearest estimate pricing in town!

Step #3: The Estimate & Explanation

Okay, so the inspection is completed, and our team has had time to draft up your free estimate. No matter what the specific service is, our process is the same. We’ll hand over our written estimate and then walk you through it line by line. Yes, we’ll actually take the time to provide expert advice and clear and concise explanations of our recommended solutions. No pressure. No gimmicks.

Final Step: You Say Yes!

If you like our estimate, if you like our approach, if you simply like our shirts, we can help you schedule the service you need at the earliest possible time – right then and there or later after you’ve had time to think it through. All it takes to get started with Step #1 is a call to (847) 962-7549 or a contact form with your information. Our team will reach out to you at a time that’s right instead. It’s that simple to get a free estimate and, as you can see, there’s nothing to fear in the process!

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