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The KD Masonry Restoration Process

At KD Masonry & Tuckpointing, we specialize in masonry restorations with a focus on collectively addressing all of the disparate issues plaguing your residential or commercial property. After all, a world-class restoration should touch every element of your masonry to ensure you get the best possible results – not to mention what you envisioned when you made the call for assistance.

Our masonry restoration process can be broken down into four simple steps. While each of these steps gets its share of attention during the restoration process, all are required to deliver outstanding results for your brick or block, stone or tile. These steps include:

Step #1 – Cleaning & Preparation

Before we do anything, we need to thoroughly clean the masonry to remove any spots, stains or streaks present on the masonry and the mortar. We use the finest products in the industry to clean the masonry without stripping it or damaging its exterior. We’re restoring it, not destroying it. Some masons might not know the difference. A great mason always will.

Step #2 – Repair & Replacement

Yes, even restorations are going to require repair, and possibly even replacement, of some elements of the masonry. This includes the mortar. Since we spent time properly preparing the surfaces, we can match the color of the masonry and mortar precisely. This is what separates a great restoration from an everyday one and something that matters at KD Masonry & Tuckpointing.

Step #3 – Tuckpointing & Grinding:

Once all the repairs have been completed, we tuckpoint the masonry to ensure a functional and aesthetically pleasing finish to the masonry. Our licensed and insured professionals then grind the joints to a consistent depth, again to improve function and beautify the work. This leaves a seamless, fully restored look to your masonry that will last, especially because of KD Masonry & Tuckpointing’s final step.

Step #4 – Sealing & Weatherproofing

The best masonry contractors know that the job’s not finished until the brick or block, stone or tile has been properly treated with the best products on the market. You’d be surprised how many masons skip this step to save time and money, but not KD Masonry & Tuckpointing. We know how vital this is for a long-lasting restoration and would never skimp on client satisfaction.

Step #5 – There Is No Step #5!

That’s it! In just four steps we’ve taken your worn-out, rundown masonry and turned it back into what it once was, what you loved it for being. And we promise, we won’t harm the masonry whatsoever and we’ll never steer you wrong – guaranteed. That’s coming from a team with more than 25 years in the restoration business, so call (847) 962-7549 for your free masonry restoration estimate today. Or, use our contact form and we’ll call you!

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